Australia’s Bushfire Crisis – giving where you can

On returning to the office this week, the top of my priority list was looking at ways to assist those affected by the devastation of bushfires across Australia.  I get overwhelmed by the number of charities and organisations needing assistance which often leads me to freeze with inaction.  I understand that the most sought after thing now is money so that those funds can be disbursed in ways that are needed the most.  Given the overwhelming number of organisations and charities assisting in this crisis, I have called on my team to assist me in making donations on behalf of Construct Law Group.  I have asked that they choose charities or organisations to donate to along with a short explanation as to why they have chosen that charity or organisation.   Your kindness, generosity and compassion can make a major difference to someone’s life and this comes in many ways not just from financial means – so do what you can, however you can do it. 

My pick is for South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management Inc. (SAVEM) and I have chosen them as they set up emergency veterinary centres during crisis situations and assess, triage, treat and rehabilitate all animals. They are also a Tier 2 Response and Recovery agency that becomes activated by Primary Industries in the South Australian State Emergency Management Plan

Crystal Ray (

“I have chosen Givit Listed Ltd (Givit) which is a national not-for-profit connecting those who have with those who need.  Givit works in various ways to alleviate poverty in Australia by ensuring every community service provider has what it needs through the simple act of giving. Givit have advised that 100% of donations will go to essential items needed.”

Aleisha MacKenzie (

I have chosen the FoodBank which is Australia’s largest food relief organisation and is raising funds to provide over 5,000 food hampers to the fire affected communities.”

Michael Burgess (

“I would like a donation to be made to WIRES.  After hearing of the large numbers of wildlife affected by the fires, I would like to make sure WIRES are funded to continue rescuing injured animals.” 

Kirsty Stewart (

Please make a donation to the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR).  FRRR have set up a Disaster Resilience and Recovery Fund to support communities affected by the ongoing bushfire crisis. The fund supports rural and regional communities to access much-needed funding for medium-to-long-term disaster recovery and resilience projects.” 

Craig Sawford (