Domestic Dispute Resolution

Construct Law Group have the knowledge and experience to assist and advise builders and homeowners in all domestic building disputes.

Early Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers are focused on helping clients reach a resolution prior to embarking on prolonged and costly litigation. We work with our clients to attempt to resolve disputes at an early stage.

We recommend that clients seek our advice at the onset of a disagreement and while the contract is still on foot so that we can help reach a resolution before the conflict escalates.

It is also important that homeowners seek our advice prior to seeking to terminate a building contract, as an unlawful termination will affect their rights under the contract and under the Queensland Building and Construction Commission’s Home Warranty Scheme.

Litigation / QCAT proceedings

In the unfortunate event that a dispute cannot be resolved and advice is sought from us after the dispute has escalated, our lawyers can help.  We have the knowledge and expertise to advise on the best tactics and evidence needed to maximise our clients’ prospects of a successful outcome.  We can help identify and direct our clients to experienced building experts and consultants who can provide the technical assistance often required in building disputes.

We have assisted clients in literally hundreds of disputes in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT), which is the specialised jurisdiction that handles domestic building disputes in Queensland.

Construct Law Group can provide advice on:

  • disputes involving defective or incomplete work
  • terminating contracts
  • liquidated damages
  • variations
  • prime cost and provisional sum adjustments
  • progress payments
  • issues at practical completion
  • complaints to the QBCC

Our knowledge of QBCC’s practices and procedures is based on over 20 years’ involvement with the QBCC (and the former Queensland Building Services Authority) and puts us in a unique position to assist clients in navigating through domestic building disputes where the QBCC is also involved.  Refer to our separate page on the QBCC for further information.