Commercial Agreement Drafting and Advice

At Construct Law Group, our experience and knowledge extends to assisting our clients with specific agreement drafting and providing advice related to their business in the building and construction industry.

We acknowledge that our clients’ business needs extend past building contracts and related disputes. We can provide assistance with other commercial matters or can refer you to a firm that can assist if we are not able to provide the advice your business needs.

We can assist your business in ensuring that its documents form a solid legal basis in its dealings with other industry participants. Those specific agreements include:

  • construction management agreements
  • confidentiality agreements
  • consultancy agreements
  • deeds of assignment and novation (of building/consultancy contracts)
  • joint venture development agreements
  • equipment rental agreements
  • credit applications and terms of supply
  • guarantee and indemnity agreements

What we do not do

As we are a specialist firm, we will not assist with you the following matters but can direct you to the right person who can assist you with various other matters pertaining to your business including:

  • franchising
  • conveyancing
  • leasing
  • corporate advice including advice regarding director’s duties
  • commercial disputes that do not involve building aspects
  • employment disputes
  • workplace health and safety advice/disputes